PBS on Thursday night, Oct. 15, aired Amanpour & Company with Michel Martin interviewing Evangelical Pastor Joel C. Hunter, who, in 2016, supported Donald Trump. Pastor Hunter, who helped form a group called “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden,” articulated what changed his mind.

Pastor Hunter accentuated that “Pro-Life is expanded beyond birth,” which does NOT mean “…we’re NO less anti-abortion.”

Instead, “Pro-Life” extends way beyond conception, a zygote, an embryo and a fetus. “Pro-Life Comprehensively” encompasses the panoramic condition of the human experience in toto — from cradle to grave.

Moreover, Pastor Hunter conveyed: “We know that the people who die from the pandemic (COVID-19), the people who die from a lack of access to health care, the people who die from poverty and the opioid crisis and suicide and racism and the impact of climate change, on and on and on, are just as important to GOD as those who are still in the womb.

“And so one of the things we want to make sure of is that we are Pro-Life Comprehensively.

“We believe if you pay attention to these other areas, it will reduce the choice for abortion so it will reduce the number of abortions.” These other areas!!!

Hence, Pastor Hunter added, “…Making policy (‘Pro-Life Comprehensively’) that actually solves the larger problems (‘these other areas’)” — inherently lessening abortions — is the right approach, instead of “…President Trump’s kind of division and the kind of hostility, and the kind of tone of personal attack… that’s the opposite of the message of Jesus which says ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself.’”

Pro-Life Comprehensively is the right approach toward realizing the introductory words to the U.S. Constitution, “…to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, ensure domestic Tranquility…,” instead of “a house divided” as Americans currently and perilously occupy in 2020.

For, the granddaughter of the late Billy Graham asserted, “…Being pro-life is more than just abortion. It is about respect for life in all, through life (poverty, ailing, justice and so on and so forth)”--a comprehensive Biblical approach, the “moral path” through life.

Witnessing the antithesis to the “moral path,” Pastor Hunter concluded, “… I realized there was a tone being set down from the leader of our country into all of the country that this is how we’ll live. For people who disagree with us, we are going to count them as enemies. … Our rhetoric is… going to become weaponized. There are winners and losers and we’ll become winners. … It is me first. Our country first. America first. Nobody else counts as much as we do,” which is Trump in “sheep’s clothing” riding the Trojan horse, “Pro-Life,” esoterically!

Therefore, in essence, as Peter I. Rose wrote They And We in 1964, without “Pro-Life Comprehensively” — as Pastor Hunter propounds — the “Pro-Life Movement” ignores the principle of cause and effect — subtly fostering Social Darwinism.

Harvey Warren


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What a well written and smart letter by Mr. Warren. You make some great points about comprehensively caring for life from cradle to grave. The Leader-Call needs more letters like this!

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