These times are profoundly difficult and trying. There is more division among Americans than I have ever seen in my lifetime. This is disturbing to me but more so for my children and grandchildren and their descendants. Where is our country headed? What we have seen in America in the last few generations is a gradual straying away from the Christian principles and faith that has made our country what it became; strong, independent people who carried their weight, paid their way, and their taxes and took care of each other according to The Golden Rule.

Yes, there have been many mistakes; prejudice, racial injustice, and the desire for power and materialism. This is largely driven by each of our own selfishness, greed, and our flawed and fallen nature that reigns in the hearts and souls of those who are not living according to the teachings and precepts of Christ. That is: To love God, love each other, and live sacrificially and peaceably not with bitterness or anger and not seeking retribution or vengeance or reward.

We will never, no never, no never bring our city, state, and our country together without first recognizing our own lack of love, mercy, and forgiveness toward all people, that is the lovable and unloveable, the likeable and unlikable, the worst of the sinners and the saints. Until we resolve to put our anger, resentment, fears, and desires for retribution aside for all past and present sins against us, we can never be fully what God wants us to be. Remember, God is Love.

Until we reach out in the darkness and show genuine kindness, forgiveness, and Christian Agape love to those who have wronged us and then take the first step by asking God to forgive us and then forgive others as He has forgiven us, finally, the only hope there is for any degree of unity of spirit and cooperation is to put God first, obey His teachings, and let Him guide our thoughts and actions and humbly seek to do His will in our relationships to all people of all races, religions, and ethnicity.

John Hassell, M.D.


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