The 1968 Olympic Games, I was 16 yrs old, “Back then I was athletic.” I’m surprised every day some one has not come up to me and hugged my neck and say, “Handel, I remember when you was athletic.” 

But getting back to “The Show.” There we were, “Daddy” and I watching the Olympic games on our TV, track and field was on and I knew “The Stars,” as I read “Sports Illustrated.” I pretty well knew who should win and they did. Tommy “Jet” Smith and John Carlos. They raised “black gloveds fist” during the playing of The National Anthem. 

A few days later my “dad” and I saw a 18 yr old “George Foreman” win over a Cuban, well beyond Foreman’s “experty” in boxing. “George Foreman” was awarded The Belt and walked around The Ring with “A Little American Flag” in his hand. When they put the mike up to him he said, The only power I have is U.S.A. Power.

P.S. My “dad” turned to me and said, “That man is going places.”

Cousin Wiley said, “A person can spend years to build a reputation and destroy it all in one second!”

F. Handel Craft

Jones County

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