Mr. and Mrs. Sennes needed mercy and instead got WRATH from Alex Hodge.

William Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure, Act II, Scene 2: No ceremony that to great ones longs/not the king’s crown/ nor the deputed sword, the marshal’s truncheon, nor the judge’s robe, become them with one half so good a grace as mercy does.

P.S. I have never known a man and his wife “mistreated” as bad as Mr. and Mrs. Senne. This was done by a man who was elected to up-hold the law, Sheriff Alex Hodge.

Sheriff Alex Hodge likes to quote the Bible. Well, let me do a little quoting, too. In the Book of “John” in the Bible it says: “Love Thy Neighbor.”

Is what Col. Sennes and his wife been through love? 

“Christian” also means to be Christ-like. Was Sheriff Alex Hodge being “Christ-like?” Also, the Bible says to treat old people with respect, like they were your own parents.

Cousin Wiley said: Being a Christian is a seven days a week job, not just on Sunday.

F. Handel Craft

Shady Grove

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