Shame on you, Laurel Leader Call for attacking three of Laurel’s finest businessmen, Ken Keyes, Larry Loftin and Donald McDonald. Do you have any idea how many pieces of property Mr. Keyes and Mr. Loftin own in the City of Laurel and I might add, pay substantial property taxes? And to smear Mr. McDonald’s name is hogwash when he is only the CPA who filed the legal documents with the Secretary of State’s office. These buildings owned by Keyes and/or Loftin could be an eyesore but instead most house successful businesses without any tax breaks from Laurel.

Are you 100 percent certain that all businesses on Beacon Street, aka Leontyne Price Boulevard are in favor of having part of their property taken for the sake of promoting #iliveinlaurel. You posed the question in your editorial “how many of those people entered the city from Interstate 59 at Leontyne Price Boulevard?” Do you think that any from the North might have entered via Chantilly Street? In all actuality, the driving distance to view Home Town Season 2 Finale would be shorter via Chantilly Street — do you think those same folks would be impressed with what they drove past on their way to Spec. Wilson Blvd?

Let’s get real — the streets of Laurel Mississippi could be paved with gold and it won’t change the fact  that Laurel will NEVER be the city it was in the 1950s-2000s where citizens were proud to live When is the last time anyone felt it safe for their young children to play in their front yard, let alone go down the street to play?

And another thing, how do you think it makes those businesses (on Beacon Street or Leontyne Price Boulevard or whatever name you choose to call it), who are trying to make a profit and pay taxes feel when you say that the area of town is “yuck” where they happen to hang their business shingle. Oh, I know — Beacon Street is not “the Avenues” so changing the name to Leontyne Price Boulevard and fancying up the street won’t guarantee that they will come in droves. How about jumping on the band wagon and getting the City Beautiful to repair the streets that aren’t in the cliquish area that a few have bought into and may just bring the city farther into the gutter than it already is?

Carol Anderson


A proud citizen of Laurel Mississippi the way it used to be.

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