Today (Dec. 29), the Laurel City School Board selected Toy Watts as Superintendent of the Laurel School District. I really believe that was fundamentally unfair. First, there is always the intention of finding someone within the district to replace out going employees. I am very disappointed with the Laurel City School Board and have been for a long time.

With the great things Tito Lanier has done, he should have been allowed three years to see if he could move the entire school district like he did Oak Park. They thought so highly of Mr. Lanier, they felt the need to award him with administrator of the year. Oak Park carried the Laurel City School District in testing. Fair is Fair, Right is Right, he deserved the chance. I am for what is right and if it is not done right, you can have all the best intentions you want, it will not work because it must be done right and in order for God to put his blessing on it.

I was very shocked when the Mayor of this city put his pastor on the school board. To make matters worse, this young man stated that he would not allow his children to attend the Laurel City School District because it was not good enough but he can take tax payers dollars to pay for them to go to other schools. Shame on you. You have no place in our school district.  If I am not mistaken, they get a salary for school board members.

We must seriously consider trying to change the way our School Board and Superintendents are chosen. These people should be elected. The County is allowed to elected their board so my question is, what State Statute do the City of Laurel and the Laurel School Board has that will prevent us from voting or have they just took a right away from us?

Some, including me have disagreed with the way Miranda and others have ran the school board but there is nothing we can do. The Board is the Mayor’s decision and the Superintendent is the Boards decision. Citizens are left out of the process. Don’t let them tell you it got a lot to do with election cost because it doesn’t. Don’t let them tell you it is the law because it is not. Its all about putting people in place to do their dirty work. These type of people loose objectivity, fairness, and honesty.

Anthony Hudson


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