In light of the recent Bridge closings in Jones County, I beg to ask the question, where has all the money gone. I’ve lived in Jones County for 18 years and Jones County has one of the highest tax rates in Mississippi. Only 14 other counties with higher rates in Mississippi. But 61% of the bridge closures were in the counties with the highest tax rates.

Public records indicate Jones County had 23 bridge closures, tied with Hinds County (highest tax rate) for the most bridge closures for any county. And only 16 counties of the total 82 counties in Mississippi had bridge closures.

We have been paying higher taxes in Jones County for decades, more than the 67 other counties, yet we lead the pack for bridges that have not been maintained or fixed by our Supervisors.

So, where did all the money go? I suspect our County Supervisors over the years have squandered our money and now they will want us to pay again for what they should have done years ago. We need to vote the whole bunch out of office and elect replacements that will be good stewards of our money and keep our roads and bridges in good repair.

Why are the taxes in Jones County higher than 81% of the other counties in MS? Wake up citizens of Jones County, it’s time we get some answers about where our tax dollars went and where they are going.

Tom Boyd


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