Pastor (Jason Capers), first let me thank you for responding to my question as a city councilman. As an educated man, I am sure that you know that these statues were built during a period of racial violence and stormy beliefs about Anglo Saxon supremacy. The fact that they were placed on the grounds of County and State Courthouses were intentional. Some people might say that they mark history and honor heritage but as you can see with a little research, a lot of Christians are standing together and calling them what they truly are, “Symbols of America’s dark legacy of Slavery and injustices committed to one single race.

I further agree that the stone in these people hearts bleeds rocks because we have gone from “Overt” Discrimination to “Covert Discrimination.” I believe that you are going to have a hard time trying to change the stone cold hearts of these people because it is psychological. You have to take care of the brain/mind before the heart know how to feel.

As you know, we just lost the best President ever but without his determination to follow upon our complaints, it would have never been known how blacks all around this country in the inner cities were being killed, black schools underfunded, problems with sentencing guidelines, which we both know brought about the fair sentencing act while he was in office. The actions and investigations of President Obama while in office revealed some horrible things that was systematic happening to a single race of people.

I to believed that they did not matter until I had children. There is a place for this type of history and it is in the history books and Museum. I truly believe it should only be two statutes that we honor that has moved this country forward. That would be Lincoln and King. I know somebody saying but wait Mr. Hudson, Lincoln owned slave. True that. But, he knew in his heart that no man could own another person.

I too hope that we have better people here who will do what’s best for the city of Laurel in which this statute was erected. And believe me Pastor, the world is evolving. Please let me get one other thing straight, I am not encouraging our people to fight over a monument but requesting that our political leaders take the lead like other city officials and remove this statute. Pastor it is not the national media sounding fury over racial differences but the media educating people by using past writings and other instruments of evidence supporting our believes that it was not there intentions for us to sit down at the table and break bread together but to remain slaves to be beat, raped and sold.

I have had breakfast and lunch with my white friends. We have also been in each other homes. I agree that this is the true work of our times and it looks as if Laurel Jones County is trying to be the last as usually to see that this only makes common sense to follow the rest of the country. “Unless.” We do not have the kind of people here you are talking about. Just a bunch of fronting which would take us back to what “Covert Discrimination.”

Thank you Pastor We need more of you but we all have our beliefs.

Anthony Hudson


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