As I sit here , thinking about some things over the last few months, I can say this has been the worst I have ever seen with name-calling, accusations and mud-slinging. 

I think about how I first started this Sheriff election thinking that people would say things, but not to the point it has gotten to. I vowed to not say anything about anyone because that is the person I am. 

We all have differences of opinions, different ideas on things, and say things sometimes other people don’t like. Does that make us the worst person in the world? Does your candidate do everything right? Do we all make mistakes? Absolutely we do. A part of being human is that we all make mistakes.  

One candidate has continually posted that he has a video of something I said. Did I say it? Absolutely I said it. Can anyone make their own beliefs of it? Absolutely they can. Of all the other videos that you seem to find necessary to post, go right ahead, make your own opinion of it. 

Whatever it is you are trying to achieve please feel free to do that. When I speak I speak from my heart. I did not intend to do any malice to anyone. 

I do believe that we all have differences of opinions and I do believe that we all have a right to speak. Some people agree, some people disagree. I will be the first to tell you that you can take anything I say and turn it around to fit how you seem fit. 

In the end, remember win, lose or draw I still Love You. In the end I am still there for you no matter how you feel towards me. In the end we are all still human. In the end we are all still in this together. 

God Bless each and every one of you.

Joe Berlin

Jones County

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