J. Ronald Parrish

An Ignorant Display of Cowardice

I read with a combination of disgust and disappointment the article in the Laurel Leader-Call concerning the mayor "choking back tears" as he, flanked by wealthy businessman Jimmy Walker of Laurel Ford (hope you never buy a vehicle there again — they sell them nearby also), publicly signed an executive order removing the flag of the State of Mississippi from property of the City of Laurel. Apparently, oaths that you take to enforce the laws of the State of Mississippi don't mean a thing unless you agree with them. Just sign an executive order doing away with them if you disagree. Votes of the peo- ple be damned. I am sure that the most despicable despots in history, including Adolph Hitler, would be proud of Mayor Magee and Mr. Walker. Rule by executive order. It might help if these ignoramuses read the state law designing the state flag (probably not). Let's take a look: Section 3-6-16 of the Mississippi Code says, “The state flag of Mississippi shall have the following design: the ground of the union to be red and a broad blue saltire thereon, bordered with white and emblazoned with thirteen (13) mullets or five pointed stars, corresponding with the original states of the union ... " (a saltire is the ancient Saint Andrew's cross — it has an x form). This is the part of the flag that this suckup facist objects to. Not a damn word about the Confederate battle flag. But, but, but it might offend somebody. Well, you offend me, so get over it.

I heard some idiot on the radio the other day, a pro- claimed sports announcer, pushing a flag change (as he said that's where he gets his paycheck). He was extolling the good manners of some football player who politely asked the Lafayette County authorities to remove a Confederate memo- rial from the courthouse or he wouldn't represent Mississippi anymore.

Let's get this straight. Some kid, who apparently is very skilled at throwing a ball and is getting a free education at your expense, is threatening to not represent you unless you throw your ancestors under the bus and spit on their graves. I got news for this punk — he doesn’t represent me anyway. For one, he is too ignorant of history. Readers, after you have been dead for 150 years, maybe some jock or social activist will discover something you said or did during your life, destroy your grave memorial, dig up your rotted corpse and throw the remains in a hog pen.

Looking at the internet, one is bombarded by the articles commenting on Mayor Magee "choking back tears.” I wonder why? Couldn't be that he feels remorse for violation of the laws of the State of Mississippi, which he took an oath to enforce. I doubt it. What a great example for young people. If you don't like or agree with the law, just violate it and become famous with the politically correct crowd. Mississippi Code Section 97-7-39 deals with desecration of the national or state flag. It provides: "any person ... who shall publicly ... defy, trample upon or cast contempt, either by word or act, upon any such flag ... with the intent to desecrate or dishonor such, shall be guilty of a misdemean- or and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) or by imprisonment for not more than thirty (30) days or both."

Mayor Magee, next time you pick out a law of this state to break because you don't like

it, you might want to consider not calling the TV and press so you can sensationalize your criminal act. You might want to do what us other regular folks do when we don't agree with a law — work to change it legally and not violate a law because we personally oppose it. By the way, why didn't the cops arrest him as he committed a crime in their presence? The attitude of Mayor Magee is that of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The anarchy in our country at this time is the result of people tak- ing the law into their own hands. You have done the same. You have no authority to cancel a state law by an executive order. For the time being, we still live in a democracy, not an executive dictatorship.

Loved ones of war dead shed tears 150 years ago

The tens of thousands of mothers, sons, daughters and fathers who lost loved ones in that awful War Between the States approximately 150 years ago shed a lot of tears that they couldn't choke back, Mr. Mayor. Apparently you are triggered by the fact that the Mississippi state flag (described above in the state law) is the same as the Confederate battle flag.

By the way, the people who fought and died under that flag would have considered you a nut if you told them that they were fighting a war and risking their lives so some rich delta planter could own a slave (which only 25 percent of the population did). They fought the second American War for Independence in response to the elected governments of their states voting to form their own nation. Secession was a hotly contested issue in both North and South. The issue was finally settled on the field of battle and the issues were complex.

If you could have waited, the Mississippi Legislature would have most likely solved this problem for you. You see, folks, it's about the money when all is said and done. The Republicans are controlled by the big money also. It's like the sports announcer said — we can't have an SEC championship game; we can't get the best football players; big business wants us to do it, etc. The fact that the state flag resembles the battle flag of the Confederacy leads the politically correct to consign it to the ash heap of his- tory so as to appease the radical leftists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter — two socialist, anti-family, evil organizations. If you think destruction of the state flag will satisfy these anarchist groups, you are mistaken. It is only the beginning.

These groups, which you take a knee to by your demonstrably illegal act, are on a crusade to change our country to fit their radical communist ideology. Their philosophy is to destroy and rebuild. We in our nation are witnessing the first phase, the destruction of our history. After the flag comes the memorials, statutes, place names and any other thing that tends to remind anyone of the past. Then they will begin their rebuilding.

How far are you willing to go to appease the big money people? To be politically correct? What are you sports prostitutes going to do when the next demand comes in from the big corpora- tions? What are you going to do when they demand you legalize the killing of unborn children? What price are you willing to pay for your football games? You have already indicated you will sell out ... the only debate is your price. Don't pretend this discussion isn't driven by monetary threats.

As far the the City of Laurel goes, don't we have some issues that would have greater benefit to the struggling citizens than our state flag? How about a minimum wage for working, struggling citizens? How about improving the living conditions of the people stuck in the projects around Brown Circle? How about reigning in the slumlords who take advantage of the poor? How about a justice system that doesn't use poor African-Americans as an ATM machine? How about a school system where kids are actually taught to read and write while learning the history of their state and country? Naw, these things would require real changes and might step on some toes — maybe even the toes of rich Republicans and Democrats. Better to attack a flag, even if it violates state law, than to offend the entrenched powers. Besides, you will get praise from the woke news media rather than grief from the powerful rich guys.

‘I’ve been threatened by the Klan’

It’s easier to follow the mob and dishonor a flag because of what you think it resembles or represents than to enact real meaningful change. Before some woke imbecile starts crying “raaaciiism,” let me tell you something. I’ve been threatened by the Klan. They hate me and my religion. No love lost. I consider their disdain an honor. I knew and was friends with real civil rights leaders in Laurel who made it possible for you to be mayor, Mr. Magee — Arwilla Davison (she called herself my black mama, and she was), Susie Ruffin, Rev. Cecil Newell, Sam Simmons, Bertha Crowell, Ben Chaney (whose son was murdered by the Klan), Ora Holden and many more.

Rather than a flag, they had real concerns about the civil rights of all citizens, at that time and for the future. They were not obsessed with some attempt to dishonor long-dead individuals. For example, 36 percent of all abortions are performed on black women. Since 1973, 19 million black babies have been aborted. An average of 900 are killed each day. Why not lead on this issue? It’s real. You can start in the City of Laurel. Can you say, "all lives matter"?

As far as the politically correct stand of the Catholic Bishops of Mississippi and the Baptist Convention in Jackson, all I can say as I fondly remember when the concern of most religious leaders was the "salvation of souls.” As abortion, sodomy and transgenderism run rampant across our country, they obsess on a flag. Sad.

All citizens need to wake up. You don't have to go to New York to be indoctrinated. Does your kid even study Western civilization, American history and Mississippi history? What version? Is it from some book written in New York by an America hater? Bet you don't know, but you probably know the football team record. The communists of Black Lives Matter and Antifa are after your kids. It’s time to pay attention.

Concluding thought

As I end this missive on Sunday afternoon, June 28 (another day that will live in infamy), our mostly prostituted state legislature meets in Jackson to, in all likelihood, give in to the demands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. As I said earlier, it's all about money for most of these sellouts (thankfully we have a senator who is apparently holding firm).

It doesn't matter that 64 percent of the voters have expressed the opinion to keep the present flag. Now, they are going to make you change it.

Got to keep those football games and big business happy. Money, money, money ... that’s where these people get their free meals and campaign contributions. Disgusting. If you could have waited, Mr. Magee, you probably would not have had to publicly violate the criminal law of the State of Mississippi. But then you couldn't have choked back tears on TV.

J. Ronald Parrish is a defense attorney and former prosecutor from Jones County.

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Trash Mr. Parish ......... absolute trash.


Nope that is Truth Mr. Parrish......absolute Truth.

Thank you so much for havin what it takes to simply tell the truth in a language any human should understand

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