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I think its needs to be changed for the simple honest facts of what it represents. I see nothing wrong with a person having it on THEIR own personal property if they so choose to, but that flag was pretty gone until 1948 when Strom Thurmond brought it back with the Dixiecrat Party and they were telling us as clearly as they could what they were about and why they were waving that flag. The party's purpose was clear, "We stand for segregation of the races'. This is from the editor of the Augusta Georgia Courier in 1951. "The Confederate flag is coming to mean something to everybody now. It means the southern cause. It means the heart throbs of the people of the South. It is becoming to be the symbol of the white race and the white people. The Confederate flag means segregation."

---Roy Harris, editor of Augusta Courier 1951

They were saying what it was as plainly as they could in history.... I did not make this information up It is documented history. That's why I feel it should be changed & we get a flag that ALL MISSISSIPPIANS can be proud of...


I think it was wrong but not because of the history of it. Because it is currently our flag. I understand that sometimes things need to change whether it is historical or not. I understand that some feel the flag divides us. As someone that moved here from the North I once felt that way about the flag... but then I learned a black man actually designed it and what the pattern/colors actually meant. I learned to appreciate the flag. I’ve been against changing it. That said, nobody said our flag had to stay our flag forever. If it helped bring everyone together I could be for it. That said it should be voted on to be changed. Until then mayors and universities and everyone else should respect that it is our state flag. Sounds like we need a new mayor.

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