Well, well, well … the MHSAA has gone and done it again. Surprise, surprise. 

Guru Nichols

Guru Nichols

Starting this football season, anyone on the sidelines (players, coaches, water boys, trainers, photographers, etc.) who are heard uttering a “cuss” word will automatically be ejected from the game. And, apparently, from what I have been told, it also applies to fans, as well.

To me, this is just another piece of crap rule (is crap a cuss word?) that allows the MHSAA to control the outcome of game through its officials. And there is an abundance of these officials who could not make the correct calls in a pee-wee football game, let alone on the high school level.

However, if they “think” they hear a “cuss” word from, say, the head coach or a team’s best player, then they can throw them out of the game — no questions asked.

MHSAA … are you kidding me?

There is no way to control this because it is the official’s word against anyone else and we all know these officials have the final say so … and that is another load of crap (I would substitute crap with the “cuss” word for feces, but I don’t want this column to be ejected from the paper).

To me, “cuss” words are extremely subjective. I don’t believe in “cuss” words because words are just that — words.

But in this part of the country, it depends on your religious stance on what words are the bad ones and which ones are not, and depending on your religious beliefs, you might think that a word is a “cuss” word but a person of a different religion might not consider it the same way.

According to wikipedia.com “cuss” words are — profanity means swear words. The adjective is “profane.” Profanities can also be called curse (“cuss”) words, dirty words, bad words, foul language, obscenity, obscene language or expletives.

But this solves absolutely nothing because what I consider a profane word, what you consider a profane word, what the MHSAA considers a profane word could all be different.

I will drop an f-bomb on multiple occasions throughout any given day and not think twice about it. (Yes, I know that offended a vast majority of you, but that is how I see things, “That word” is just a word and it doesn’t matter how it is used, it’s just a word.)

But I am sure that is on the banned list of words that cannot be used by the effin MHSAA. 

Likely the s-word that refers to feces, the a-word that refers to a backside, damn, b word refers to a female dog, GD (swear word against God) and a pair of words that refer to the male and female anatomy are also on the ban list.

But what about borderline words? Like, hell, dang, crap, etc.? Are those also ejectable words? 

To me, this whole piece of s-word is all subjective. It just goes back to the MHSAA trying to control which teams get to the playoffs and advance to the state championship games. Just watch, a coach or “major” player will be ejected this season in a crucial moment of the playoffs due to this new rule and it will be done so to side in the favor of the MHSAA so it can make more money.

You can take that to Bok Homa and put a wager on it … if that bet existed.

Football, on all levels, is the most aggressive and injury-prone sport. And part of it is the words that are uttered by coaches, players and fans out of frustration or in jubilation. But they are just words. Period.

I know that there are many of you out there who don’t agree with this, but show me a scripture in the Bible that says the use of the word F$&K is a sin? I’ll wait because it doesn’t exist.

Profane words, according to the Bible, are all subjective and were created as profane words by the average Joe … not by the two most significant figures in the Good Book.

I am a God-fearing man and believe in the big man upstairs, but if my life and all that I have done is judged by the words that I chose to use … well, then I am f-bombed.

Don’t let the MHSAA fool you, this has nothing to do with religion and it has nothing to do with making the game “cleaner.” No,  it is all about the almighty dollar at the MHSAA office. And if they can keep a team out of the playoffs or state title game that won’t bring in as much money as another school, they will sell their souls to the devil in order to do so.

The MHSAA does not give a fiddler’s f-bomb about the coaches, players and fans who pay their salaries … all it cares about is trying to figure out ways to bring in the most money possible regardless of who it affects.

And that is a p-word way of doing things.

I am so sick and tired of the MHSAA hiding behind itself because it doesn’t have the sack (that would be part of the male anatomy) to be straight forward and explain why it does what it does.

At the end of the day … the MHSAA is “ALL” about making the most money that it can. And it sure as hell doesn’t give a damn about who it affects in order to do so.

If that isn’t the truth, then somebody have Don Hinton, Lonnie Tillman, Rickey Neaves or Robert Holloway get in touch with me.

My email address is jjnichols24@gmail.com and if any of them have the intestinal fortitude to talk to me on the phone, then they can call 601-649-9388 and get my cell phone number.

This new rule is an entire bunch of B.S. (and no, Don, that does not refer to your alma mater of Bay Springs). It’s just another attempt for the MHSAA to get what it wants, everyone else be dammed.

Just like Jackson Callaway did when it got an extra timeout in the state semifinals in the 2015 state basketball playoffs to beat Laurel. 

However, just like that instance, I don’t expect to hear a peep out of the MHSAA on this subject. They don’t like being called out when they screw (is that a “cuss” word?) up.

Guru Nichols is former sports editor of the Leader-Call.


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Justin Hughes

Well said

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