Guru Nichols

Guru Nichols

OK, before we start, you must sign below as giving me your word that you will not discuss what is contained within this column with any person, alive or dead.


Now that we have that formality out of the way, let’s begin.

For most of my life, I have wanted to invent something that would make me a millionaire (or billionaire) in order to pursue other interests in life. You know, like running a hot-dog cart in downtown Soso, buying Forrest Gump’s house and forcing Dr Pepper to put a (.) after the first r. You know, important stuff.

But in order to do any of those things, I first have to beat everyone to the punch and come up with something that no one else invented first.

When I was in fourth grade, I did just that.

I was in a statewide competition through my fifth-grade class in elementary school in Grenada. We were to come up with an invention that would make an everyday task of our choosing easier.

And, boy, did I nail it with my hands-free-drinking pocket T-shirt. Imagine a Capri Sun sewn into the pocket area of a T-shirt with a straw long enough to reach one’s mouth. That was my invention in a nutshell, except that the drink pocket was constructed from a thicker, pliable plastic.

It won a blue ribbon that I still proudly display on our laundry room wall behind the broom, mop and vacuum cleaner.

So, it was Monday night while watching a replay of last year’s tilt between LSU and Georgia on my iPad that I came up with my new invention that will make me a billionaire. Maybe even a multi-billionaire.

Wait, what did you ask?

“You were watching football?”

Umm, yes! 

It’s late July, football season has dwindled from months, to weeks to only 26 days away as of today (Saturday, July 20). And, no, that’s not the first rerun of a football game from last year that I have watched. Just ask my wife or brother.

I know it is only mid-July, but I have had the itch for the return of football for several weeks now. My two sons, Caleb and Kaden, have been participating in summer workouts at West Jones and I cannot wait until that first Friday night (Aug. 16 at Petal) when they take the field with their Mustang teammates.

The first college football game will take place the following Saturday (Aug. 24) when Miami tangles with rival Florida in Orlando. That seems like a pretty good way to usher in the new season on the gridiron.

OK, OK, OK. I know you are dying for me to get to the point about this whole billionaire thing, but I have to build you up first. And don’t worry, the football part is very relevant to my new invention.

In this day and age of technology, whether it be through a TV or streaming over the Internet, there are a bevy of ways to watch sporting events.

Last year, the College Football Playoffs National Championship Game could be viewed in four different ways on four different TV channels. You could watch the regular broadcast with ESPN announcers, you could watch the Alabama broadcast with its play-by-play crew, you could watch the Clemson broadcast with its play-by-play crew or you could watch a broadcast with no noise other than what could be heard in the stadium from a few different camera angles.

Now, imagine being able to flip over to the offense channel. That’s right, as Bama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa breaks the huddle and surveys the Clemson defense, you see what he sees. As he takes the snap and drops back and fires a dart to receiver Jerry Jeudy, you see everything that Tua is seeing. As Jeudy snares the missile from Tua, you are now viewing everything that Jeudy sees as he turns up field and tries to find a hole in the teeth of the Tigers’ defense. You are watching everything Jeudy is seeing as he bursts through the second level and sprints past the defensive backs on his way to a 50-yard touchdown. As he crosses the goal line, you hear the roar of the crowd.

How awesome would that be?

There are no commentators and, if it’s on cable TV, there will have to be a bit of censoring. Because, like it or not, you must face the facts — this is football and it’s a grown-man’s game and sometimes they say things that aren’t so nice to those with soft ears.

This newfound cash pit of reeling in more viewers will not be for every televised game — initially. But within a few years, it will be so common place that futbolers across the pond will all be wearing headbands, or sunglasses, with built-in cameras for that first-person point of view.

I am telling you, this is going to happen. I just have to figure out how to be the one to launch it.

Remember, you have already signed a non-disclosure agreement and can’t tell ANYONE about this.

However, I would greatly appreciate it if any of you who might know a network executive at ESPN or one of the major cable channels that you email me their cellphone number. I won’t tell them how I got their number and I will give you a percent of my earnings once I strike it rich.

Guru Nichols is former sports editor of the Leader-Call.


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