New basketball coach is the son of ex-Tiger coach Keith Robinson


The Northeast Jones Tigers recently hired Kyle Robinson as the school’s next head basketball coach following former head coach Jay Stafford’s departure to take a coaching position at South Jones High School.

If the name sounds familiar, it should to Tigers’ fans. He is the son of Keith Robinson, the man who guided Northeast to its only state championship.

Many former Tigers have reached out to the younger Robinson this summer to say how much his parents meant to them and their families. The second-generation coach said his dad’s success with the program proves just how successful they are capable of being with enough hard work. 

“I look at the fact that this is the first school of five I’ve been at with a banner hanging,” Robinson said. “It can be done. We just have to develop that mindset again.” 

Robinson understands that, despite his family’s legacy with the Tigers, he and his team will have to work hard to create their own legacy. Through his experience, Robinson has developed his own formula for building a winning team, which he has already began instilling in his players throughout the summer. 

“First, I believe that if you’re a champion off the court it makes things simple to become a champion on the court,” Robinson said. “I told the team when I met them the first time that all I cared about seeing this summer is (being) ‘tough and together.’  There have been a lot of teachable moments this summer. Our players understand that I’m going to be tough on the little things because all of those inches will add up throughout games and throughout the season.”

Robinson and the Tigers will be hosting a shootout featuring several other local teams later this summer as they continue to make strides towards preparing for the 2019 basketball season.

The younger Robinson graduated as valedictorian of his class at Philadelphia High School, where he played multiple sports and received all-district honors on the basketball team. From there, he went on to Mississippi State, where he served as a manager for the Bulldogs’ basketball program under Coach Rick Stansbury and earned a degree in 2009. 

Robinson served as an assistant coach under Ron Norman at Pascagoula High School, helping the team go undefeated in district play for three consecutive years with three trips to Jackson as title contenders in the postseason. He also assisted Dr. Wes Brewer at East Central High School, helping the program reach the playoffs for the first time in 16 years. 

He also was head coach at Seminary, where he led the team to a rare playoff win.

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