Ole Miss' Jarod Conner runs for a touchdown against Vanderbilt. (Photo by Daily Journal)

Only Tulane recruited Hattiesburg High's Jarod Conner as a quarterback, and that was fine with him.

Quarterback was the position he played at Hattiesburg High School, but running back was where he was projected – and where he wanted to play – at the next level.

I will eventually get around to calling him Snoop, I suppose, since that’s how he’s listed in the media guide.

Conner wasn’t heavily recruited – Memphis was also very involved -- and isn’t among Ole Miss’ highest-rated recruits in the 2019 class.

Those who did spend time with Conner were impressed.

He had compiled impressive rushing numbers at Hattiesburg and followed that with an MVP performance in the Mississippi-Alabama game, running for 112 yards and two touchdowns on 17 carries.

He enrolled early and got himself noticed in spring drills.

All of that has added up to put Conner in position to earn a spot in what is expected to be large rotation of running backs in the Rebels’ new run-based spread option. Offensive coordinator Rich Rodriguez says he’ll play three or four running backs.

“In the spring I didn’t know what I was doing. Now I’m better prepared. It got me way ahead, coming in early.”

Conner says senior running back Scottie Phillips, the starter, is “getting him right,” and he likes his place in the competition.

At 5-foot-10 he says he’s weighing in at 215 pounds. That’s down five pounds from when he enrolled. He hopes to build up to 225.

“The offense is based off the running backs. It’s pretty cool. It’s been real physical. That’s what Rich Rod teaches every day. Have a hard edge and be ready. I like to play physical,” Conner said.

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