The new reality show “Racing Wives” premiered last week on CMT.

If you haven’t heard of it, it follows the wives of NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch and Austin Dillon, as well as Canadian race car driver Amber Balcaen and former victory lane model Mariel Swan.

There’s a lot of criticism revolving around this show, specifically how out of touch these women are with NASCAR fans. I mean, these women are wealthy (or at least married to someone who is wealthy) and they are glammed up, living in mansions, drinking wine at fancy parties and wearing makeup to the gym. I can only imagine the image being flaunted here is part of the reason many wives (such as Amy Earnhardt) decided to pass on the show but, at the end of the day, this is their lives.

In the episode, Samantha Busch interviews Balcaen in the hopes that she can convince Kyle to hire Balcaen as the first female driver for Kyle Busch Motorsports. Samantha selected and pushed for her to drive for the team. But when Martin Truex Jr. and Sherry Pollex’s “Catwalk for a Cause” benefit comes up, Balcaen is seen taking shots at the bar with Whitney Dillon and Mariel Swan. Taking shots at a fancy event with so many important people is apparently a no-no and Kyle is unimpressed. 

I saw a lot of social media comments about Samantha’s attitude on the matter but seriously, this is how these people live. I imagine it to be like one of us trying to get a job and taking shots at an event where our potential boss is present and watching us. I get it. Not only was Busch there, but so were other drivers, sponsors and team owners. This girl is wanting a job — this is the moment to rub elbows and campaign for it, right?

I only mention Samantha’s story because it was the only one truly worth following, in my opinion. The preview indicates the show will cover Samantha and Kyle’s infertility and show us what happens with Balcaen and whether or not she lands a job in NASCAR.

Chase Elliott won last weekend at Watkins Glen. Truex Jr. finished second, Denny Hamlin finished third, Erik Jones finished fourth and Ryan Newman finished fifth.

There are only four races left until the playoffs and guess who is super close to missing the cutoff? Jimmie Johnson. He finished 19th on Sunday. It was certainly not a finish he needed as he’s currently sitting 16th in the standings, but tied with Ryan Newman. 

Of course he is still adjusting to his new crew chief, Cliff Daniels.

If Johnson misses the playoffs, it will be the first time since the postseason format was initiated in 2004.

Live coverage from Michigan begins Sunday at 2 p.m. on NBCSN.

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