Taylorsville majors

The Dixie Youth Majors semifinalists from Taylorsville.

Last week, a team from Taylorsville traveled to Lumberton, N.C., to compete in the inaugural Dixie Youth Division II Majors World Series.

Despite losing their first game of the double-elimination tournament, they still managed to fight their way through the bracket and reach the championship game, where they fell to Virginia and finished second. 

After falling 9-1 in their World Series opener to Virginia, Mississippi was able to put the loss behind it and bounce back with a 6-0 win over Florida the following day. The next afternoon, Brady Quinn led the team with two doubles in a 12-1 victory over Texas to once again survive and advance. 

Mississippi kept that momentum going into a doubleheader against an undefeated team from Alabama, winning the first game by a score of 12-2 in just four innings of play. Though the second game was much closer, with a trip to the championship on the line, Mississippi pulled out another 8-5 victory to punch their tickets to the final round and send Alabama home. 

The championship round gave Mississippi an opportunity to redeem itself with a rematch against Virginia. Mississippi led the game 1-0 until the sixth inning. At that point, however, Virginia strung together several hits to score six runs and come away with a 6-1 victory for the title.

Mississippi finished the tournament with a 4-2 overall record, having only been defeated by one opponent at the event. The team competed at a high level throughout the week, well-representing both their state and their hometown of Taylorsville on a national stage.

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