Alec Barlow

Laurel native Alec Barlow performs a trick golf shot. His prowess for the trick shots has earned him social media accolades and a spot on ESPN’s SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays.

NEJ, JC grad featured on SportsCenter Top 10

Laurel native Alec Barlow has set the internet ablaze recently with his knack for making mind-blowing trick shots on the golf course. Last Monday Barlow was featured on SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays for his latest jaw-dropping trick — smashing the ball in midair like a baseball with a driver after using a wedge to lob it up and ricochet it into just the right place.

As of Friday morning, the video clip had 2.1 million views on Facebook, along with many more from other social media platforms. This was just one of several instances, however, in which his creative shots have gone viral. Barlow learned years ago that his unique ability was a great way to share his love of golf with others. 

“I’ve been playing golf since I was 3 years old, along with just about every other sport,” recalled Barlow, who was a standout athlete in multiple sports as a Northeast Jones Tiger. 

Barlow says his passion for golf grew through playing with talented friends such as Ryan Blackwell, who led the West Jones golf team to a 5A state championship in 2010. 

“Man, those guys are probably the reason behind what I do,” said Barlow. “We would play from daylight to dawn, have our parents drop us off before work and pick us up when they got off. We even did a lot of trick shots back then, but that was before the time of social media.”

During his time as a wide receiver for the Jones Bobcats’ football team, Barlow used his trick shots to amuse teammates during free time. They encouraged him to create a social media page and start sharing his talent with others as well. 

Before long, Barlow’s videos started turning heads. His first viral video was a clip where he lobbed the ball in the air with a golf club, caught it on his back, and used the back of his knee to toss it into the hole as if he was playing soccer. 

“Honestly, they just come to me,” Barlow said when asked how he creates such unique shots. “I think my best is yet to come, but so far I’d say my favorite was the backflip shot that made No. 1 on SportsCenter’s Top 10 two years ago.” 

Barlow’s viral trick shots have given him the unique ability to entertain younger generations and spark their interest in the sport he loves. That being so, he has no plans of slowing down any time soon. 

“Golf was instilled in me as a kid,” Barlow said. “I knew I would never leave it, and that it would always be my getaway from the real world when I need peace of mind.”

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